Post your TI10 Bracket Predictions Here

I’ll give it a go but I hardly followed dota this year

Yea, I just made mine from watching group stages so far. Highlight channels on YT have been gold for keeping up with the games.

Gave it some more thought and made some changes. Not modifying it anymore now. We'll see which version does better.

Pretty close to mine.
China numba wan.

Yeah those videos are great for keeping up with things

Here's my alternate timelines/brackets ordered from most likely to least likely from my POV:

  1. IG beats LGD in finals after being knocked out in UB.

  2. LGD beats IG after being knocked out in UB.

  3. EG wins TI by climbing thru LB.

  4. VP climbs thru LB and wins in finals after being knocked out by LGD in UB.

Knowing how these tournaments work, I wouldn't be surprised if a team like T1 or VG ended up winning TI because nobody predicted it would happen similar to how CDEC and Digital Chaos had their runs (Also OG's first TI run).

I hope EG don't choke on their first bo1.
A lot of teams have figured out their draft, and they never seem to have a plan B that works if their heroes get banned or countered.

The only player I am rooting for this year is Timado. He's come a long way.
@timado GLHF.

I don’t think there’s a world where t1 beats eg otherwise seems about right

Upsets happen all the time in TI. Most people would rank EG above a lot of the teams in the upper bracket, but now they're in a BO1. On the flip side, teams that did really well in the group stage could tank in the main event and get knocked to lower bracket and eliminated the following match like we've seen in the past. I think surprising duds would be either LGD/IG being knocked out before quarterfinals, I am pretty sure that would brick almost everyone's bracket predictions since I'm sure over 99% of people predicting have 1 of the 2 making it to at least semi-finals.

Similarly, when OG had miracle in TI5 in 2016, everyone had them down as favorites to win the tournament, but they got knocked out in 9th-12th place. Also, underdog stories like CDEC and Digital Chaos' TI run happen all the time. Oh, let's also not forget about when OG first won TI, everyone had already written them off before the main event started after they recruited a random pub named topson to fill the hole in their roster at the last minute. We all thought they were going to go down in the first rounds considering their previous top-tier lineups had never broken through to finals.

Do I think it's likely that T1 makes it to LB Round 4? Probably not, but I also expect some upsets to occur which surprise viewers, so this bracket is my best guess at what those upsets might be.

Anyway, T1 has shown that they can beat the top teams on the scene when they're in good form, similarly, undying has also won some sets off top teams as well so I'm betting 1 of them channel their energy and go super sayian this TI.

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You aren’t wrong but even when t1 is feeling good EG has shit on them all season

i hate EGs new jerseys, their old ones were way cleaner, they just look like liquid jerseys now


Looking forward to EG v OG, hope they pull off an upset

arteezy will literally never win a ti

its over fartour bros

I haven't watched enough dota this year to make filling out a bracket meaningful but my predictions are

whoever wins Elephant vs EG will go far in the LB, possibly to the LB finals

OG vs VP upper bracket finals

Undying winning one or two series, quincy loseing r1

Secret, T1 slightly overrated

Grand Finals OG vs EG/iG/VP

OG winning

some teams/players/what have you are just built for high pressure moments are some are not, and at this point in dota it's kinda clear who are and who aren't

OG is just one of those teams that elevates themselves + they are very creative and good at drafting, and they look really good right now. SumaiL also has always been one of those players as well.

anyone watching rn?

im tuning in now

damn they got the nasl sound guy in 2021


I haven't been watching competitive dota at all the past couple years so this was mostly guessing.