Post your TI10 Bracket Predictions Here


holy fuck nice going quincy

Na and naga siren

yea idk why undying picked fucking naga in their elim match

league of legends banned allchat lmao

just straight up removed it from the game

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hahahahaha what the fuck

Yeah that makes me very unhappy. Kinda silly when emote or taunt spam is still in league

These fake crowds are so bad lol

I mean I feel bad because I don’t really have anything against the players although the LoL>SC2 constant viewercount related smugness was pretty annoying, but the SC2 community was probably way more toxic to them

one of my good friends from all the way back in dota1 plays in their LCS leagues and stuff so like the players deserve a good game to play but that fucking rat fuck pendragon dude is the biggest piece of shit ever

i don’t really have a point idk lmao though how do you justify that

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Did you watch any bubble nba it was also real bad at first

Yeah I don't think it is. But I enjoy the gameplay loop better than dota. FF, less CC (although more than ever), more fun heroes with an individual higher skill ceiling, matching safe/offlane, with some cool mechanics like shedding t1 armor for gold.

No but I remember seeing screenshots of the crowd of virtual faces I think. This stuff would be best as a twitch addon where you press a button to add to the crowd roar instead of a single mixer guy

I played it exactly once, I was advised to play Orianna mid, I didn’t know what the fuck any items or spells did and I lost

0/10 did not play a game ever again

even back then I was a boomer christ

Yeah it took em like a week or 2 to understand how and when to manage sounds and it isn’t like pro sports broadcasts hadn’t already been pumping in noises for low turnout games

So very likely this shit won’t get figured out by the end of the tournament

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Just do what I do and play aram with someone more familiar with the game to learn the champs first. Summoners rift (the regular map) is always gonna be hard to parse for dota players but has its own cool things that I wish were in dota, like jung creeps in the Midlane water, scouting plants, bombs to launch yourself around

Yeah but should be figured out for the future cuz this will always be a problem. And the most organic solution just seems to be letting people declare and add hype, but would prolly get abused quickly lol

I can’t even keep up with dota2 patch notes I’m not really up to learn a whole new game

but I appreciate the offer and if the mood strikes me I’ll dm you

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EG needs to pick oracle

fuck dude why did they have to play the one team that can match them in individual skill