(premature) thought on the current state of mafia

If you roll town you’re gonna lose so we need some setups that are more town favored

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If you’re playing in the current game please do not participate in this thread until your game is over thanks we’re just gonna flame you all publically :)

(And by we I mean me)

Ban Kyle from the site

Yeah dont make a thread commenting about current game as a person not in the game

I am not commenting about current game where did you see me do that

Even if you are not specifically talking about the game there is a high chance someone like me responds and then somebody uses that to get some info about the game

Well that sounds like a you problem

Get some self control bud :)

Anyways this is ban Kyle from the site gang reminding you that we need to ban Kyle from the site :)

Message the moderators

He’s part of the system, it can’t be trusted

Also I’ve been conditioned that posting threads gets the mods to respond like with my scummy winner badge

I guess I need to get past my biological coding too huh? :)

-15 sanity

I hit 0 sanity a long time ago jdance

Awh now I feel bad.

+30 sanity :hug:

No keep that sanity away from me
It’ll make me realize how shit this world is

Ignorance is the ideal state of man

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Sorry, ignorant insanity

-29 insanity

Like when you’re town you’re ignorant and as you see more town get lynched you turn more and more insane

Why let yourself start from a position of sanity
If you roll town you’re gonna lose
So just start out completely insane and save yourself the trouble

-1 insanity