(premature) thought on the current state of mafia

Now as scum, you are insane but cognizant
You try so hard to drag others into the depths of insanity, preying on their ignorance

But if they’re already insane, you can’t do anything to them
You are defeated

To conclude this essay, I state there is only 1 solution:

Ban kyle

What about a mafia setup that runs on the entire site

It transcends the mafia subforum

Why stop there

We hand out mafiauniverse accounts and you go post there too

We buy people plane tickets and put them in a room and have them play mafia on namafia while in the same room

Scum hunting made easy

We hire an actual serial killer to be the sk

When night phase happens they sneak into someone’s airbnb room to murder them

It becomes a game of whodunnit as people still have to post a minimum of 40 times during the day or they are zeused (which lets the sk kill them irl too)

They made a movie out of escape rooms let’s get a mafia one

Back on topic though: ban kyle

Everyone creates combat power gaming dnd characters and then those characters play mafia. It’s mostly rp but some skill checks are used at times. They often fail, because combat specialized power gamers, but occasionally there is a high roll.

Of course it is always scum who rolls high on deception and town that rolls low on insight so it ends up scum favored

Damn. Scratch that

not allowing a thread like this to be up while a game is going on. take this as a warning @LuckyArtist

in case you're too ignorant to understand.

To further this do not speak about anything to do with Mafia when a game is going on, whether you're in the game or not.

IDC if it's in ITT:Blog, or in Minecraft thread, any fucking discussion about Mafia while a game is going on will result in a warning or a temp suspension.

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People will get meta reads from it and it's unfair for people who do not read every single thread and it's just unsportsmanlike.

If you wanted to play LBJ you could've signed. Unfortunately you didn't so now you must wait your turn.