Prigozhin presumed dead in plane crash

so that mutiny wasent some sun tzu art of war shit look weak when ur strong he was actually being a cunt and putin said no no no blyat ide na huj

The island is not done with him yet.

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This whole story is more fascinating than television

I don't know how people are not losing their fucking minds over this

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You're seeing the greatest masterminds that normal stupid writers cannot even fathom operating in real time.

Is he really dead? Or is this a plot? Was putin in on it? Is this Prigozhin's 'get out of jail' card being used? We honestly may never fucking know if a body is not found. FFS.

Was the mutiny even real or was it a bait for the counter offensive?

Jesus christ, I can't fucking understand anything anymore. Is Putin really that fucking strong? Holy shit.

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Nobody cares or ever cared who "Prigozin" is. He was as real as Wolverine and Thanos, as the Kardashians and Kanye West.
It doesn't matter if he's dead or alive, it doesn't matter if there's a mutiny or if there isn't.
As I said in a previous thread, this war ended in February 2022. The world decided that Ukraine won - and that's what happened.

All you're doing now is driving traffic to online news sites. If you really cared about either side you would be fighting with them, otherwise you're just trying to fit in and end up on "the right side" - a desperate cry for validation, nothing more than betting on a horse race.

Very intelligent

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If this is your idea of entertainment, I feel sorry for you. There are much better hobbies out there, objectively speaking, than speculating on a war that you know less than 1% about.

Cope and seethe. Your shallow dismissals and weak sarcasm may work against your fellow Amerifats - but real people can see through your insecure responses and cut through them like butter.

I feel like you are writing this as you are looking at the mirror.

Glaring at yourself as you type these words, so they feel so visceral and real to you


Terribly sad for you - You're watching a football game through a keyhole, watching the shadows on the wall while chained in your cave.
I sincerely hope that one day you either wake up or kill yourself - because living like you are right now is worse than being dead.

Everyone is ignorant to different degrees. Moot point.

No it isn't a moot point - what you and every online dumbass talking about the war and reading war news are doing is as effective as taking a kindergartner to a college level exam.
Why are you even trying? You are literally just guessing at random until the next "happening" pops up in your twitter feed. You are better off watching netflix or playing super mario.

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As I said, this isn't "entertainment" - your time and energy are being used and disrespected by these news outlets, you should do a better job at filtering the amount of crap that gets through the sewage drain of the internet into your conscious and (more importantly) subconscious mind.

Prozgin is dead? You did not know who Prozgin was until a few days ago. You don't know what Progzin even did or was going to do. It's all just superhero fanfiction to you - except that you lie to yourself into thinking it's more important than that.

don't get baited by this guy. I'd wait for resident russophile Not "Von" Jones to get riled up


Jones is even worse off than Ironstove when it comes to this. It's truly a miserable existence - concerning yourself so much over Batman Zelensky vs Superman Putin, instead of living in the real world.

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I lost my passport and had to pay like 1.5k already in cancelation and rebooking

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I'm still trying to get a new passport lmfao. I was supposed to be in fjcking malaysia today


The cognitive dissonance it takes to reach their state is honestly quite impressive.
Like believing that a cup is half empty but at the same time not half full.