Prigozhin presumed dead in plane crash

i will admit I enjoyed the keyhole football game analogy and would probably agree that 'Jones is even worse', but for separate reasons. Atleast stove enjoys questioning his POV and is generally more open to differing interpretations

general american skill issue unfort

silver lining, you can still smoke weed!

you are dumb and gay

you are dumb and gay

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dumb ■■■ and gay

You're seeing the greatest masterminds that normal stupid writers cannot even fathom operating in real time.

Is he really a Russian asset? Or is this a plot? Was Trump in on it? Is this Hunter Biden's 'get out of jail' card being used? We honestly may never fucking know if a laptop is not found. FFS.

Was RussiaGate even real or was it a bait for the election fortification of 2020?

Jesus christ, I can't fucking understand anything anymore. Is Joe Biden really that fucking strong? Holy shit.


Le putin Killed the Hot Dog Man... You realize that Trump is being railroaded (and it's not working) so they're going to have to abolish the political system in 2024.

It's an "I'm with Her" t-shirt in the colors of the Ukrainian Flag -- that's you right now.

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This is you right now.

it's *■■■'s Theme - Light" namafia CSS and it's entirely in Ukrainian colors.

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Its crazy how jones' coping mechanism is having a manic episode

Whatever happened to Mike Pence?

What is that?

Their moderators: beautiful. The best looking moderators. Our moderators? Gay. We have the worst moderators.


Z bros!!!

Post chest

Indiscriminate cynicism can only get you so far in life. A narrow and closed mind only leads to self hatred and misery.

It's sad because it's true.