Proof that bullying works

even though kyle wants to try his hardest to retain this very valuable and well liked poster, we've done it lads

Did somebody dox numeta

Kyle is doing a fantastic job. Good job kyle

If somebody is harassing, doxxing, or threatening numeta then Kyle is not doing a good job. That person should not be warned they should be banned immediately.

Numeta if you need an anonymous account to safely post controversial opinions you can PM me

i just found out u can flag posts

The moderators get an email every time you flag. make sure to flag as many posts as you can


Please stop. You'll lower my trust level and lose the functions I need to host games

Please do not report this post

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numeta is white fragility in action


It seems @anon82208883 and Numeta mistakenly thought that I was doxxing him.

Like he used to post DotA fan fiction with his name emblazoned across the head of it and told everyone he lives in Orlando.

He even corrected me that his name is spelled "Vinnie" instead of "Vinny", but I guess none of that matters and I'm the one doxxing people here lol

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Maybe someone else got to him and he got swatted

he asked to be banned like 5 times at least.

I think that means u ban the account instead of sitting on it my man

I like you as a mod there's just some stuff u can do better :slight_smile:

No I don't agree. If someone asks to be banned that means they were not protected by moderators and it was allowed to get to a point where they were harassed off the site.

Based on the way people are acting I would not be surprised if someone threatened him privately. This shouldn't be allowed


Ban Kyle for not being a mod attentive to the pleas of an idiot

Ban all parties involved? Based

Zero tolerance is the answer

ya need to leave nu meta alone.