Reasons to homeschool your kids

you can groom them to be xcom candidates for after the alien invasion and conquering of earth's nations

Oops just a repost...

but fuck the direction this country is going

Woman seem to be the main culprits pushing this bullshit

women are dependent on the state for fake jobs: they do not have the physical or mental capabilities to support themselves in a job such as mine: professional day laboring.

they are an extension of the security state apparatus. if one aggressively confronts you, pull out your 3D printed GhostGun TM and blow their face off.

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yea man everyone has known for all time women have never done things

for example: posting on internet forums, pulling up weeds, and coding. female physiology just cannot perform up to task there

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what are you talking about? i just posted a reason to homeschool your kids

where's refspi for a good trifecta of people terrified of women

I have spent more time with women than you have.

irrelevant and likely untrue as you're probably mid twenty something living with papa (nothing wrong with that) but even if were true it would beg the question why you hang out with them if you regularly shit on them and are not interested in immediately procreating

also most people who shit on women find them intimidating in some way

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Ah yes, the "you must be gay for aversion to gay people" argument repurposed for the fairer sex.

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if you want to be surrounded by homoerotic dudes and do manly shit all the time join the marine corps. theyll use you up and spit you out in a year

incorrect please pay attention

you obviously have spent zero time with women

literally zero i live on the moon

bringing up homosexuality in regards to misogyny is likely a defense mechanism you developed from a youth spent on 4chan and shitty goyclub teamspeaks

no, I think you're just stupid.