Remember when BazingaBoy used to visit this site?

What happened lol

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@Matticus do you have any info

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Left after this and never returned

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If his last posts were in that thread it'd be even funnier but i don't wanna check

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They really were

He never came back to the site. You can see his "last seen" date on the profile


Fuck that's funny


Hahahahahaha god damn

I sent an apology to bazingaboy on steam and he never responded. It's clear that he will never forgive me for the covid game 2020 and all we can do now is wish him the best in whatever he chooses to do in this new chapter of his life. @bazingaboy



Sorry guys i was working on my new floor in my dream house it was taking a while Im back now


he’s better off

this is my favorite meme

> this place is a black hole of negativity
and even so you continue coming here to actively contribute to it, instead of trying to add anything

like the only people who are that awful about it are themselves, very nihil esque

bazingaboy 3rd best poster


you are another one of those *good for them not coming back but still being really negative in most site exchanges" people as well, nbd really as so many people who come here fall prey to that

im just trying to challenge people to be more positive on the site instead of reflecting these awful attitudes they think are intrinsic or endemic to the community, like if you know better why not be better? theres probably too many people who feel fine about that being our current way to break tradition though, so maybe i am just wasting my time. I just want peopel to think more about being constructive and adding something instead of being destructive and adding the most miserable comments I have had to behold in an internet forum

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i had some threads marked Unread and this was one of them, just thought id overlook the gap in time and write a reply anyways. Dont mind me

your comment is nothing more than a mirror of what you're "challenging"

I challenge you to find a better way to address it, otherwise it just seems like you can't come up with a legitimate argument against doing what im suggesting and trying to add stuff. I mean you are definitely doing more than the avg user at this point by helping moderate atleast. Most cant say the same about adding something constructive/positive outside of hosting a good game