Just a reminder that alightsoul is a parasite that pretends like he gives a fuck and wants to help but really he just gets some weird pleasure from fooling people into believing that he’s a good person while working with others to undermine them.

That’s all, see you in a couple months to make the same reminder!


Your not wrong

He will ruin this site far more than nma/Benny/whatever goys are posting on here now ever could. At least nma and Benny make funny posts occasionally and don’t try to obscure the fact that they’re shitting up the site.


Can we all just get along?

Well said. Agree 100%!

Thanks for the reminder! Wish you’d come back to the site ewiz.

that name color is cool

forgot to take it off him lamo

What do you mean?

Airhogs and I are celebrating Man’s Day

For the record alightsoul didn’t do any Dev work here or inform any decisions lol. I’m not arguing he isn’t a parasite but when it comes to ratio of posts the goy club has way more influence over the site from that angle alone. You shouldn’t comment about things you don’t know about I think

If you dont post or read or play what do you know really

thats a man

No its not

Word on the street is you’re a sensitive bitch op

You think too highly of him

What does that have to do with anything?

idk its a weird body i don’t find attractive. even if it’s a stocky girl

ive definitely seen trans peopel who are hot, too