Remove ability to rename threads


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Im not posting until removed



which thread(s) are the problem? if its just that jdance ill just change the OP to discobot or some shit lmao. but i did a little looking and couldnt find any way to easily just turn that off


Felix triggering the fuck out of me

It’s that classic fanboyism thing where a developer or someone in charge has a bad opinion and the “fans” will show up and defend it to the death in a kind of kiss-ass, snooty fashion

you see this all the time in game communities when a developer says something blatantly dumb and then anybody who steps up to say “that’s dumb” gets swarmed by Community Leaders with 0 critical thinking skills

In conclusion discourse has no longevity

I believe gwent rotted and atrophied from this and overwatch is doing so now as well

Discourse will get like 2-3 years and then be garbage - depending on if something good comes along sooner

Not that it matters for this site - vbulletin was 18 years old

Doubtful. Discord has widespread adoption for support forums for tons of open source products

I’m aware but that doesn’t mean it cant atrophy

Those projects are not likely to switch to a new forum software anywhere in the near futurw

Based on what ewiz

They happily switched to a trashcanfire open source project by “code horror” and will happily or unhappily do anything else or not do anything else

You don’t have any substance behind your authoritatively spoken opinion

youre both right

those projects wont switch because discourse makes for very good support software (theres a whole Q&A element we dont use on the site)

but the projects atrophying in the way where its an open source project, most plugins seem to have been updated specifically like 1-2 years ago and their board seems kinda slower than ever. idk im jsut waiting for some redpilled guy to fork their project

me + ewiz + dan coding triumvirate (that’s our name)

we are going to make the redpill fork and we are going to rebrand everything with maga paraphernilia like true big brain developers

Most of them didn’t switch. They’re projects that started with discourse, and will stay with discourse because switching forum software is a huge pain in the ass

actually switching off discourse probably wouldnt be difficult, it all exports really quite nicely