request: nmagane's take on mental illness


you’ve made some statements about mental illness, and it seems to be a topic that you hold strong opinions on.

do you mind elaborating in general on how you think of the phenomenon? (people believing they have mental illnesses, seeking diagnoses, alternate perspectives with which to interpret the same phenomena that are usually interpreted as symptoms of mental illness, etc)


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Waiting for namamaganana’s take

He’s trolling.

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Looking forward to the answer

How are y’all so bad at knowing when he is serious

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I am considering getting a girlfriend

well back off.

i have spontaneous bdd

i had a sudden onset of bdd last summer where i obsessed over a specific part of my body for months even though i had no such obession ever

it lasted for 4 monts gradually decreased and it was actual hell

The whole time i thought i was the ugliest person in the world and was sweating to the bone at any type of social interaction

Was spending around 6 hours each day mirror checking and comparing

after 4 months it went away and after like 9 months clean it suddenly appeared again fixated on my head and shoulders

Right now im still struggling with it and its really decreased but believe me as a person who has seen his share of retarded shit this is almost a death sentence

i might actually be a singular case, i need to be transferred to some psychiatry research center and eventually gutted.

im not joking btw and i wonder if u guys ever heard about anything like this

As a kid I was worried about waking up as a cyclops and would constantly press the bridge of my nose thinking that I’d poke a big eye one day, and would do this before looking in a mirror so I wouldn’t surprise myself

the fear subsided in 3rd/4th grade when I had to put in/take out contact lenses every day

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mild panic disorder, mild general anxiety, moderate social anxiety (the most uncharacteristic one for me)

i’m getting over all of them with hard work and positive mental attitude :smile:

i cant believe they diagnose people for “mild social anxiety” what a bunch of fucking faggots lol

Why dont they just straight up say ur a fucking loser

im presenting a psych case over here

Potentially this but I’m not sure yet

Probably that