Rest In Peace

For those of you whom knew/of her, I regret to inform you that Claudia/kittens passed away this morning.

Hope she’s found relief and peace, however or where ever life takes us when this one is over.


Oh my god. This is fucking heartbreaking. Jesus christ. Fuck fuck fuck

Rest in Peace.

and be respectful guys.

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The last thing I really remember was her Dark Souls 2 stream. I really enjoyed that. This is upsetting

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She fought the good fight until the end. Rest in peace.

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Jesus. I was wondering why I hadn't seen her online in a minute

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RIP Kittens, she was always a real one


Pour one out for a real one


Life aint fair, enjoy the time you got everyone.
Real sad to hear.


yeah... that was pretty much the last thing I told her when she got the cancer diagnosis...

how it's complete bullshit that innocent people are brought into this world and through no fault of their own are forced to contend with something like cancer at a young age, while others can be completely rotten and have no such concerns...


I was taken aback by her bravery going through it. I really hoped she'd find a way out somehow. Rest in peace Claudia.

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Don't know why it's hitting me so fucking hard.

What a god damn legend. don't forget her :cry:

Our disagreements seem so fucking stupid and idiotic at this point. This is really putting something in perspective. I feel like crying.


It's pretty terrible. All you can do is live on in their name, as they live on in your memories

and I am

thats understandable and a good lesson to take away. life is too short for that stuff

It's so fucking unfair she wasn't even 30

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For anyone who cares.

I went to her Twitch channel and saw "Follow and get notified when kittens_x is live" and it really sunk in for me.

Gonna watch one of her old vids for old times sake.


god fucking damnit, this sucks so much

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