RIP iNcontrol


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I was just thinking about state of the game 5 minutes ago

I actually met him at a bar one time

If anyone from SC had to die it's probably good it was him


Sorry. Just mean it could have been worse


I remember he had to go to the hospital for deep vein thrombosis in his legs when he lived in that eg house

sudden illness aka he had been suffering from illnesses associated with a stagnant gamer lifestyle but chose to ignore it vs make the changes.
RIP man, im sorry it came, someone in your life should of told you to start making better lifestyle choices.


How do you know that? Do you know him personally?

Bloodclots arent caused by standing up and being active, or by being healthy. I went to his twitter saw an over weight man on round 3 drinking. Im not saying i knew him personally but i do know that he was a gamer, and the sooner we realize there is nothing healthy about sitting around for hours especially after you had a blood clot, the sooner we can realize that sudden illness isnt so sudden and there is usually a build up. I think his death could of been prevented, and that makes it more tragic.

really sad, i used to watch him cast/play in highschool quite often. condolences

Incontrol wasn't overweight dude he was a beefcake.

yes which also seems to have come with its risk.

Needle injection causes abscess. We have VERY strong over weight gentleman who power lifts, die from sudden illness in his 30s. This was just a month ago he went through something like this, he dies a month later, its very sad.

Are you suggesting he was juicing with dirty needles?

Its very much a possibility.

In reality, i just fear for gamers, a lot of gamers have been dying very early. 30ish is very young to die. Its always some suddenly gets sick in his 30s dies, scenario, the real thing in common is they all got that gamer lifestyle coupled with a few bad choices in health and diet, and the results are truly tragic.

Cause of Death: "Gamer Lifestyle"