roguelike general

traditional roguelike and roguelite discussion is cool

been playing this its real cool

and of course my fave roguelike

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shouts to spelunky, monolith, towerclimb and nuclear throne as well

downwell is nice

rogue legacy 2 early access will be out in a few weeks -- but not sure if it's worth playing immediately

I enjoyed the first one

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i have this it's cute, i'll have to get around to beating it some day

really liked the first one.

i've seen it a lot

when are we making a roguelike

here's my idea. you wake up having blacked out from the previous night. you have to find your missing clothing items, whatever before work begins. the locale changes every n floors or so. the variance in your spawn location and other random challenges you face grows larger with each clear

Bro I would contribute

There are so many talks and conventions about making rogue likes

Have you thought about a setting? I’m assuming it will be proc gen and perma death?

Oh so you like wake up in your apartment and try to piece together what’s happened? What do you fight?

Homeless. It's illegal to be homeless in his world.

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man it feels like every sts character has only 1 fun build

yours, somewhere else, outside, anywhere. you fight different kinds of obstacles, some being more literal like a crackhead or a pissed off driver in your way, but there would also be puzzles like "why wont my car start" and "the bus is late how am i getting to work on time" or "How do I get out of this conversation as quickly as possible without starting a fight"

i suppose you could be late for other events too, why not

im just memeing anyways

playing sunless skies which is very much a rogue lite

it is very atmospheric and has a great story & writing so far

@Friend play caves of qud i think its right up ur alley

i bought hades i hear thats a roguelike. Gonna play it during school for like 20 minutes each night lolllll

heard its really good and have been meaning to pick it up 2

thinking of making a gacha management roguelike where u spin for cute anime girls and if u dont get the good ones u lose the game and have to start over

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