Roragok's Mafia #25

Plenty, for one I think it already has cuz it’s kind of weird for you to assume that I should be assuming that you’re town. I didn’t state I wouldn’t move my Lynch or shit like that.

It’s an opening Lynch. A Gambit. Don’t think I’m gonna unlynch for the time being now tho lmao

Tbqh I feel like other people are easier to spot day one than you, but I’ve noticed over the games we’ve played together that when you’re scum and you get randomly called out that you get incredibly defensive, while when you’re town you just play along or dismiss the action because you’ll know you’ll probe yourself later. That’s why I chose you bud

I never imploed that you should know I’m town. I asked what town gains from you placing and immediate Lynch on me, which you didn’t answer until your second post. Either you have poor reading comprehension, or you’re being super defensive

LMAO okay I’m the defensive one. It happens in literally every game, tell me your reaction isn’t out of line

Well I’m sure we all know this hahahahahahaha.

winguarian leviosaaa

How is me asking what benefit your Lynch is to town defensive rather than questioning your line of reasoning? How is my question specific to you lynching me rather than a generic question about opening with a Lynch on anyone?

So are you arguing that not lynching would be the most beneficial move for now? Or rather that I should’ve just grilled before I lynched? They both seem stupid, why offer you any pleasantries instead of lynching you?

Lol if you were town you could argue that I made an antitown move because you could end up getting
lynched immediately but that’s outlandish as fuck and I dont think it’d ever happen for a Lynch on you

Lynching you gets the ball rolling, begins the scumhunt to me. That’s why I usually drop one real early day 1, especially if it’s a game where I’m not at risk of exposing any prs.

I could wait for someone else to start the game but what is the point in selecting the option that is nonimmediate if I’m town? We’re on limited time.

I never implied either. I wanted to know why you think dropping a Lynch without any pressure to follow up on it was beneficial to town. You still haven’t put any pressure on me, which I find very questionable

You’re certainly wrong.

Can we make d1s not about arguing about random shit

You’re all shit

you’ve reacted quite strongly at this point and none of this wouldve happened if i didnt post – so yes, I pressured you in that regard. I’m just not gunning because I’m not a tard and I know that probability says that if I pick a random person here they’re more than likely town so there’s no reason to double down. I’m just not removing my lynch For Now.

seems like youre being really careful about what you say anyways so i dont think im gonna get you to easily trip up on something

This isn’t really anything at all - not sure why you keep bringing it up as if you’re holding something over him. Lynch votes don’t matter until the day is about to end.

Epoch is gaslighting

I’m town,

Lynch bazingaboy

I think I’m probably down to policy lynch jacob as usual. Just can’t stand to read his troll garbage lmao

You have not pressured me whatsoever. I’ve pressured you. None of this has been reaction from me: it’s all been proactive pressure on you.

Aside from that, you’ve got some contradictory elements in that post. Let’s break this down for less astute players:

In the first quote, he implies that it’s very likely I’m not scum. In the second, he implies that it would be hard to get me to trip up. Tripping up could mean two things:

  1. I trip up as scum and reveal that I’m scum, which would contradict the first quote, because it implies he thinks I’m likely scum
  2. I trip up as town and seem like scum so he can push a Lynch on me.

In scenario 1, Dan lacks internal consistency: a scum tell. He’s trying to play both sides so that he can look like he had doubts if you all ever mislynch me.

In scenario 2, Dan is scum and trying to force town to look scummy to push an easy mislynch.

Overall, Dan is looking pretty bad