Roragok's Mafia #25

Troll? Wow.

? Trolling? He was making the same point I made: a blank vote with no follow-through at the beginning of the day is meaningless. It applies no pressure. How is nma pointing that out trolling?


Lynch Jones

Lynch Jones

Lynch Nmagane

Am I 100% Town Nmagane?

I dont agree with your posts, i know that you havent laid down a big scum tell and thats why im chillin’. i lynched you before you made a single post lmao.

this is really outside of the way you normally play, which is puzzling but I do appreciate you jumping through the hoops. I do know that usually when youre scum you’re much more about calling people who call you out retards instead of constructing an argument so i gotta think about that a little

What do you mean?

didnt see this so im responding to it now;

it wasnt to Make a Big play, it was to get the ball rolling (it’s the second post in the thread.) Yes, he made the point that a lynch doesnt matter until day ends but the point I was making is that other people can feel free to push on you and maybe you’ll react a bit differently then, because I know you break pretty quickly when a few people are on you as mafia.

You know very well that Nmagane is a person who will tkae the opportunity to mess with another player if they can, I’m sure he’s lynching Nyte just to gaslight her just like he accused me of gaslighting you to gaslight me. I dont think it’s a big problem cuz maybe this is just how he gets his reads But he is my ideal policy lynch because he is Very hard to read and Very good at gaslighting town players.

You’re lying and strawmanning - It’s very obvious that nothing I say is ever just “opportunistic messing with other players”.

No, I’m lynching her as a joke.

I get my reads from reading the thread.

I’m pretty sure this is your fault - Have you considered increasing your skill level (reading more PMs)?

Epoc is undoubtedly the lowest skill player on the site and it shows in his record. I don’t want to go over this again, but just going off his previous games you can tell that he is legitimately bad when it comes to mafia and this is just what he does Every. Single. Game.

If there is one person who is truly “Very Hard to Read”, dan, then it would be you.


Just got a notification for the new video. Going to watch this while sleeping.

I don’t particularly like you’re opening (play?)lynch but nma rubbed me the wrong way with his bazinga is 100% town bullshit. That always seems scummy to me to claim someone else is 100% d1. Unless it’s a mega obvious or well known tell. Then maybe I’m mistaken. The only person I know who does that is notjones and he’s almost always a wildcard, anyway

Just shut up.

He never said I was 100% town, but it’s interesting you see me as 100% town. Is it because you know who all the town are since you’re MAFIA!?

What do you mean?


I’m 100% sure this is the Lynch today

No I don’t see you as 100% town, that’s the issue. I don’t see anyone as 100% town d1. This day is going to last until Saturday so I suspect A LOT of swing. My first time playing forum mafia I was just inputting shit constantly to test ground and as the game wore on I invested less inflammatory shit and spent more time reading and re reading. Let me go reread but I’m pretty sure Nma said someone else was town and that seemed mega questionable to me. Like there had only been five posts, then.