Sexually Confused - My Tinder Journey

First hit, pretty nice piece. Way too young and out of my league, we hit it anyway.

Turns out she's 60 kilometers away for the summer, well this got awkward quick, she was 100 km radaring that shit and how did we even match? Bug - report submitted.

She originally lives pretty close to me, 10 minute ferry trip. Nice, convo kinda dies here, later on
She asked me about school and i told her i dropped out.

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Addendum :Girls with dark hair are interested in me for some reason, dark hair and pale skin is attracted to light hair tan skin?

Some evolutionary insight from tinder.

IF tinder sends notifcations for screenshotting convos and pictures, this whole thing is in for a really awkward ending.

I've decided none of you deserve this content on the website.


Close the thread moderator dog

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I am interested to hear what happens next

Kinda fat, lowballing it.

We talk about her dead dog. I wish allah's mercy on it. Kind of a vibe killer , we put on the trollface for this one.

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Who is "we?" Are you referring to yourself in the plural?

Interactive piece of content, it' you( the reader )and me.

Requesting for an RSS feed of Turks thoughts to be downloaded to my brain once the technology is here

How are these women even on tinder? Can't they be murdered for this in your country? Maybe you could use that as a conversation starter.

I'm in izmir, basically the california area of turkey.

Lots of hippie faggots that love to have sex on the street, that kind of deal doesn't work here.

Whats up toprak

i think we forward this to his government and see what they do to him

Snitches get stitches...

Maybe you can convince one of these girls to give you nudes to put up on your runescape stream

gulce is cute


stop using tinder.
match group who owns all dating sites and shit has been subverted, you have been warned.

He means that the jews have taken tinder

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