Shipping drugs internationally (no NA)

Was given an offer from a friend in Krakow Polska

He wants me to ship him weed, getting the weed isnt the problem.

Shipping it is.

How would one ship 3 lbs at oince? (its illegal there)

Sure you just dont because a lot of countries will fuck your shit up if you are caught smuggling drugs

See britney griner

I think you should evaluate the risk reward here

The fact that you posted this thread in the public section of a public forum and you are publicly doxxed and a known figure in a large online community only further reinforces the risk here

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I feel like this should be deleted for the protection of all parties

nice troll

plasma aint doin shit he SOFF

plasma dont fuck around
he aint afraid to catch a charge over some bullshit

Im going to assassinate the president of the united states of america

Now that i have your attention please put this man on a list

Forgive me for trying to help america

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@insom what's another movie where a tertiary character steals every scene they're in like hudson?


Anything John Cazale was in

matthew mcconaghey in the wolf of wallstreet

every Joe Pesci character

Toshiro Mifune in all the old Kurosawa movies really stole every scene

natalie portman in Leon

JK Simmons in Whiplash