Shipping drugs internationally (no NA)

these arent really tertiary characters,. more secondary ones. mifune played a few smaller roles

idk thats hard

i could see that

that was more of a memorable cameo that he was supposed to steal the scene than an actual supporting actor

joe pesci doesn't play the main character but a lot of the movies he's in are still about him in a weird way

im talking an actual tertiary character with like 5 minutes of dialogue but is so memorable because the actor delivers the performance so well

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yeah idk i'll think about that, im sure something will come to me

john cazale was a pretty good one although his role are usually a bit more prominent

@insom have you seen the proposition?

what an unapologetically brutal film, plasma you should watch it

i have not

put that at the top of the list. watch it tonight

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christopher walken in true romance

(this another example of cameo except i don't know if it was considered a cameo back then)

mickey, snatch

tommy corn, i heart huckabees

@Osiris you need to agree

haven't seen it

haven't seen it

you said it yourself not a tertiary character

they have to be present for most of the movie it can't just be a show up for 40 minutes and be a nice distraction then leave. donnie from the big lebowski would fit the bill but the entire point of his character is being weak and ineffectual

not present per se but actually alive. bonus points for never being referenced off screen

i think i'm confused on what a supporting role that isn't a cameo is

i meant christopher walken is a cameo
sort of how tom cruise is, in tropic thunder

which is also another good mcconaughey gig

probably rare because not only do the writers have to give them actual compelling dialogue without hogging the screen but the actor also has to deliver with minimal spotlight

how about this one, roy batty, blade runner

its a tough gig because ford is actually insanely charismatic, but it's really hard to forget tears in the rain