sidebar finally finished hype


well done @SOPHIE

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should i start streaming all my shitty games on obs

im just trying to fix it right now its bneing really fucking annoying and my dev instance is too buggy for me to check it locally

i just said sctew it so i disabled it and im resetting the dev instance to test there again

Soon :tm:

whats the process for getting added

also grats !

you bump this thread or another thread that ill see or pm me and i can add you

@Roragok i pushed sidebar changes earlier, maybe the Twitch Sidebar on the sites still setup to pull from that duplicate repo i found?

purge gamers still streams wtf

put site members streams to the top

I doubt people really come here to see the top dota streams

this should be like gamut/kittenz/turk so when somebody who uses the site starts streaming people will go and watch

nice panel though

the simplistic styling works for dark mode

requesting add

the dividers are supposed to be dark in dark mode but the newest changes arent showing up yet

the app container has to restart for it to work. can't update through gui i think cause url was missing or cause non github repo

i'll try to remeber to do it in the morning. it takes the site dwon for like 10 mins to do that

this, members should be above big dota streams/etc for the community. might even get a cam and start streaming random platformers and shit if there’s interest

put it all the way on the left on desktop pls. currently it pushes everything over from the left

Gamut Guitars™ up in LIGHTS.

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Get a bigger screen