Sierpiński Mafia Day 1

The long awaited game is here! I promised something special to bring to the table and now you have it, so what's the catch? The catch is, with Sierpinski Mafia, there is no player cap! Yes, that means all users have the ability to jump in and post in the thread and lynch as normal. Hammer is set to seven. Two players on the forum have received a mafia role PM, it is up to them to post in the thread as if they don't on day 1, they will be zeused.

Good luck!

@Vanilla_Town @JCrispy @Osiris @big_ass @SOPHIE @Matticus @KrazyKat @FrankGrimes @kat @insom



I did not receive any role PM. I assume that means I'm town

@mafiabot lynch @Vanilla_Town

@KrazyKat thoughts on game so far?

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Looks mysterious.
I hope there will be racoons.

You have now officially played a game with me

You are a liar


I think I understand. There is no difference between a mafia and town role pm anyway.

Nevermind, dumbtell -- didn't read the OP. I guess I'm outed as VT haha.

This is my last post since I'm cleared. Good luck everyone.

@passionformafia2023 Vote @Matticus

Dumbtell or scumtell?

@passionformafia2023 vote @Matticus

Anyone want to bet on whether this game ends before benny quits the forum?

Hammer Matty fast. Tag all your friends - check the game rules even people who are not in the game can vote

@yns @SuPA @bazingaboy @Kurisu @SCSF

@mafiabot lynch @Vanilla_Town

Not sure what to do now.

The best bet is to vote someone who signed the signup thread.
I doubt that benny would assign scum roles to people who didn't even sign.