Signals Day 2 - The Conclusion.

Jdance the Town and Agubar the town have deceased over the night. Players remaining:

Players remaining:

Hours remaining: 68

@l0nch @sdadasdas
Not even cuz nma and dan outed him, but cuz this is the first time he lived to d2

I read very little of yesterday. 2 scum are dead right?


well there’s no reason to play since nma’s griefing combined with benny killing epok for no reason makes it obvious I won’t make it until lylo.

gg! my goy club threshold is moved from 1 to 0

Your mafia partner Epok threw by convincing everyone that the game was an elaborate grief dude haha

great game thanks for the host

Not much I can do when administrators playing take it upon themselves to lock the thread randomly then not lock during night then do all they can to ruin the mafia subforum.

What are you even talking about?

I’m pretty sure what epok did is against the rules.

i wasn’t being sarcastic.

In addition; nobody commented on half the players posting during night.

My apologies.

Sorry - is the game over? Is klaze resigning?

Yes it seems so!

There was a very interesting night 1 behind the scenes: Wintermute chose to follow Klaze who tried to kill Wintermute who had been swapped by Jdance.

Looks like it’s decided then


Well played by @Derumination - not very well played by my two mafia partners.

He admitted he was giving up and he was the last mafia so I saw no reason to continue.

Of course I knew all that would happen and hoped the vigi would have the forethought to shoot klaze - thus killing all of us.

How did Agubar die?