[SIGNUP] retard closed mafia

closed setup, either 11 or 15 people

guaranteed high quality retarded

everybody sign it will be the best i swear

@yns come play, mafia has been rly good lately

@mafiabot host

I actually blame myself for that entire period of namafia when games were really bad


i was cancerous for awhile

your posts were still pretty fun

i enjoyed having you in games despite you always calling me a fag and scumreading me

Me too. Sign up

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@mafiabot sign

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I'll sign with option to rage quit if low effort people are not zeused

I probably wont rage, just dissapear into the sunset

Holy shit the level of self awareness has reached new heights

@iaafr I have an idea for a closed setup, and I will not be playing, but I think I have an idea of what you are going to run.....

@mafiabot sign

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I guarantee that you have no idea what I'm going to run because 1. I'm not sure either yet and 2. its going to be a custom design by me not based on any popular setup

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Well how about you let me run a closed setup first because I already know what I'm going to run and it will be glorious

nothing's stopping you from putting up your signups simultaneously

if you really wanna run first, i can officially declare ill wait to run mine until yours is over

relevant commands for the mafiabot are

@ mafiabot host / slist / startday [signupthreadid]

@mafiabot sign

The help command has a poorly formatted link to the command list.

@mafiabot sign.

sign ironstoves, he wanted to run his first

I'll leave this one dormant