[SIGNUPS] Theatrical Performance

Preface: It’s obvious to all of us how Forum Reactions are being abused by dead players, and how that goes against the fundamental rules of mafia - but unfortunately there is no real solution to that as they can be removed at any time with no trace.
Another issue that has popped up in the site’s mafia community is how players sing and dance instead of playing the game of mafia - Mafia games turning into standup comedy routines and a place to try out your latest jokes. Social media has been turning into this as of late (For example, people only tweet to be funny), and it’s seeping into the forum and of course that includes mafia.
These are issues that have no apparent solution, other than incorporating them into the game. (You know what they say, if you find your kid smoking a cigarette make him smoke 10 packs haha.)

Theatrical Performance

A new type of mafia that while fundamentally different than the original game in some aspects - maintains the social aspect as well as ever, and punctuates it further to show how it’s been developing on the site.

The concept is simple. Each day (act) - the player pool is randomly split into two groups: The Performers, and of course, The Audience.
The performers group always includes at least one of the three mafia players, and they get to post in the thread for the day.
The Audience, on the other hand, are not allowed to post in the thread and are only allowed to interact using the reactions system.
The performers cannot vote on who to lynch during the day. After the day ends and before the night phase starts, the Audience are the ones that get to vote on the day’s lynch, in private message to the host.
Once all of the Audience members submit their lynch votes, they are publicly declared in the thread and the player with most votes is lynched. Ties resolved by random flip of course.
During the night, the mafia can only choose to kill someone who was in the performers group the day before.
The next act, a new group of performers-audience is selected and the process repeats.

This allows the performers to play a different style of mafia where they have to focus on both finding the scum (at least 1 every day) amongst them AND entertaining the judgmental audience before them. It’s a juggling “act” between objectives that turns the game of mafia into what it truly is (metaphorically) and gives it new depth that was never truly done before.
I believe this has a lot of potential and would really put the players’ true skill to the test, as it would force more responsibility and pressure upon them than ever before, and also teach people how to act properly as they will have a crowd watching and judging every one of their posts.

The roles right now are only vanilla town and mafia goon - I don’t think this will change but if anyone has ideas you can submit them here. A mafia/town role such as the screenplay rigger which would force him into a the performance for the next act as a 1-shot ability could be considered.


  1. JDaNCe
  2. Ian
  3. Roragok
  4. Klaze
  5. big-benny
  6. rose
  8. yns
  9. Wintermute
  10. iaafr
  11. flopagis
  12. jones
  13. q0q15
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It’s lowercase


Nevermind she does not want to

Yes she does just crop the top part out

I sign up on behalf of rose she’ll make an account when she wakes up


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Can someone tell me if this is a meme or not


What about having audience players voting for a person to save as well?

Role: Magician - Gets to select one player from the Audience and put him into the Performer pool

Role: Surprise Actor (1shot) - Puts the player into the Performer pool (you can give this to both scum and town so it’s not an autoclear)

Yeah I had this role in the OP under a different name, I think i’ll have it in.

Sign. Sounds good and inventive. You should ban Slowdive and Yns - will be making a separate thread for them shortly however.

I’m not too into this one, I like having all the audience votes public. If it’s publicly making someone immune from night kill then it’s not that useful and unnecessary imo.


Sign. This is the first really out there, original set up I’ve read in a long time that actually sounds fun and (at least partially) balanced.

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Also, as the top roleplayer on this site, it should be an easy win to maintain my 100% namafia winrate

Thanks - Looking forward to seeing you on the battlefield again.