Sleep score general

4 90s in a row Holy fuck

how do u get 90s? whats the technique. i basically cant get over 80 au natural and if i take like stun-dosage benzos i can get like 85-86

No idea. Girlfriend averages like 75. I just go to bed and wake up

lucky duck

Cold as fuck room is the only typically advice I really follow

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You could definitely sleep for a longer period of time

yeah my job is probably the issue then i like to drink on weekends and that fucks up my sleep.

Lol yep I don't drink at all

Also no caffeine after like 4pm is a hard rule I follow

im getting my gf a weighted blanket for christmas hoping it will help me aswell tho

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Those things rule but I get too warm under them

i started wearing a mouth guard at night and i cant decide if it disrupts my sleep more or less than the actual teeth grinding itself. gf sleeps with a sound machine that im kind of iffy on aswell.

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Yeah that's unideal

Why the fuck are you not entering deep sleep right away lol

The only universal thing your body does during sleep is that it should enter deep sleep first

The body generally prioritizes deep sleep in the first half of sleep and rem in the second

idk. my sleep quality has just continuously declined since i was like 23-24 (peak sleep). I've slowly become a very restless sleeper in general which i never experienced as a teenager/young adult. im 31 now and scared it'll keep getting worse.

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