sleep thread

ive had trouble sleeping my entire life. i think its my restless leg syndrome but i think at this point i will actually have to go to a sleep therapist. my other hypothesis is i have this:

give sleep tips ITT

Exercise non high intensity

Cool room, use f.lux, don’t use shades, sleep at night, always wake up at the same time every day

usually when i workout late at night (weightlifting) i get that post-workout dopamine rush and it makes it harder 2 sleep. i find that exercising a ton earlier in the day makes me nap in the evening and then not sleep at night. i guess maybe if i go in the evening it could work but i never really tried

Generally the more in shape you are the quicker your heart rate returns to a normal resting rate. I find low intensity exercise does best for my sleep quality according to my Fitbit

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Studies also show you should sleep with socks on

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go get a prescription for requip

Don’t take drugs to sleep

Sorry yns but I don’t agree with your advice

jw why you recommend this. ive been on/off sleeping meds for most of my adult life (have terrible insomnia especially when manic) and they tend to either not work (lunesta) or have such bad side effects its not worth taking them (ambien)

meditating almost daily and exercising has helped with my insomnia immensely fwiw

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oh thats a drug for restless leg syndrome not insomnia that makes sense why i’d never heard of it.

yeah I don’t recommend sleeping pills that’s for restless legs and shit

yeah i agree sleeping meds ahve been some of the least useful and have had the weirdest side effects of anythign ive taken

obvi if ur alternative is literally never sleeping or w/e probably take them, but i’m not a fan

i dont like scripts but ill ask my dr

do u have RLS too? yns


nah just people I work around get prescribed it occasionally and I have to fill their prescriptions

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Don’t drink any caffeine after noon. Some people retain caffeine longer than others. It’s a genetic thing.
A shot of whiskey an hour before bed helps.
Restless leg can be a sign that you need more potassium.
Thinking happy thoughts before sleeping helps.