Slump Game GY

For dead players or spectators.

Insom: I protected kkat and attacked ian with a medium weapon.
Wow. I protected insom and attacked ian with a small weapon.
And we didn't get a kill and I still died.
My only gut feel is that Ian is scum.

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You need 2 Medium or 3 Light Hits to kill someone. I would count 1 Medium 2 Light as well.

ian is scum lol

idk why people listen to him he just types nonsense


any guesses about other scum?
lucky seems to be scum or dumb.
same for jdance.

still not sure how I died. maybe protecting means you take the hits for that person?

honestly i have no clue, idk how to read people when I don’t know the setup

I could see protecting being bodyguarding

my day one reads are usually terrible, but this time they were on the money.
maybe I'm getting my mojo back.

either ian or jdance are scum, or the setup is so complicated that reads are probably meaningless until end game

also lucky and ian seem to really enjoy using their constant trying to kill me every game as a smokescreen to hide blatantly scummy plays

it's not that complicated

kkat it was me who killed you. i want you to know.


i do not fit comfortably. dan rigged it against me.

Bazinga was scum


Never would’ve thought it