Small business, usa residency... Baton Rouge?

I could live in usa and do esports full time maybe

I can be a professional pan handler and register as an eSports team, and be usa citizen kinda.


do u really wanna end up an eternal envy tho

Nah, maybe in Baton Rouge though, I read they have a good little tech thing going on there

i know a guy who rents property in baton rouge and he says he regularly has problems collecting money etc from the people there. doesnt seem like that great of a place to rent but atleast it'd be on the cheaper side.

also a lot of his property got messed up by hurrican harvey or irma or something so that'd be a regular concern if you lived there

i think you'll get slapped if you go begging on the streets there

thats fine, ill start a quail program tehre for the less fortunate

not with my quail for the less fortunate program

Quail for the less fortunate is going to be the name of my new punk/ska synth band

Great you could sponsor the program

I can also be allowed to say I do day-clair in conversation

Or i maybe can do it in Poland. Would really get my ass beat there if I stayed out b4 banks closed and cash in my pocket

would also be easy to transition a team from French Canada to Baton Rouge

I'll give you 50/50 revenue split on the band for 25% of every yield of quail eggs

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Dear Sir! this is for the people! All proceeds go to Quail for less fortunate program.

I’m sure he definitely has issues collecting rent from black people

You can move to Baton Rouge but you’ll be around a bunch of black people. They tip 10% or less to servers so I doubt you’ll get much money. You want to beg around white people mostly for the largest profits

This sounds suspiciously like socialism

I'm not sure they'd let you into the US with this attitude

if the strat is to beg somewhere with a lot of white people that support the esports cause he should definitely be doing his thing in cali

The good thing about Baton Rouge is you'll be in the middle of cancer alley and regularly misted with aerosols and byproducts from the DuPont corporation

The market for beggars is too saturated in California, there’s already 3 at every gas station and 2 on every corner, no way he could fit into the market here

Colorado could work

yeah you might be able to get some good esports tips there