Small Setup Signup

6p neighbors dilemma looked fun but i dunno how balanced it would be
otherwise I think I’ll peruse the 7 player setups and go with a fun one. feel free to recommend 1
48/24 sound good to the signers?

not sure when ill be starting the game but if its before the current games over anyone still alive in the current game cannot play


Was thinking about a game where you vote on town instead of mafia and town loses immediately if they vote wrong.

I think 48/24 is way too long for a 6 or 7 player game.

maybe 36/12 will be better then.

that game doesnt sound fun.

No it’s actually extremely fun.

If the game ends immediately then I don’t really host at all though :vb-wonky2:

What do you mean?



Here’s a good small setup. 4 players. 2 VT, 2 mafia sacrifices, Nightless. VT’s can not die until sacrifices are lynched (meaning if they are lynched they get confirmed with no downside), but as soon as a mafia sacrifice is lynched, VT’s can die normally. Self voting is allowed in this setup.

Crush is a good 7p

lmao and look pretty good and seem balanced.

7 man game:
3x Mafia Goon (They know who the spy is)
3x Vanilla town
1x Town Spy (Starts the game knowing one Mafia member)

  1. Nma
  2. lbj
  3. Klaze



  1. Mimic

Only one goy player in my game ty

Mod this man he’s a GOD