Smoke Signals [DAY 4]

The sun rises with two smoke signals in the sky.
Degens and The Rejects were both in favor of the lynch.
CulturedUrbanite, Matticus, and fireworks_over_maynooth have been lynched.

The Rejects:
Vote on which tribe to kill.
Day will last 30 hours. Majority vote is 4.

Lets go boys

Could leave today up to @discobot if we're not cowards

Hi! To find out what I can do, say @discobot display help.

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Benny was in this game?

No learn to read before signing another mafia game please

I am going to lynch your tribe

@Vanilla_Town lynch osiris team


Don't believe the lies of this disciple of the fratricide Set

You are weird today

Sorry ill stop posting

There is nothing more intellectual then obsessing over a 38 year old white woman

That being said,

@Vanilla_Town lynch The Rejects

The big question now is this.
Who is willing to sacrifice themselves in hope that one of their team is the other scum?



lets get this over with

I'm getting town vibes from my tribe. And I am town too.
Gonna reread the last few days to hunt scum one more time.

@Vanilla_Town VC

J crispers lynching his own team likely town confirms him. I am also town, so the only possible scum is asoul. Unfortunately it seems as if we lose.

@Vanilla_Town lynch the rejects