Smoke Signals [DAY 7]

The sun rises with only one smoke signal in the sky.
Degens was the only tribe in favor of the lynch.
The lynch has been cancelled.

The Rejects:
Vote on which tribe to kill.

Day will last for 48 hours, starting now.


kkat is going to try to tell you guys to not be ■■■■■■■■ but im pretty sure it wont work

@Vanilla_Town vote rejects

@Vanilla_Town i was under the impression that night chat was static, no hammering. can we please go back to that?

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I am going to post a picture of my penis in night chat soon. Then if this game gets to day 10 i will post it in the thread

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if you do priest in peril I will vote to kill

You are henceforth known as Pinnochio Longnose

Can we keep the antisemitism to a minimum?

No shut up jew



Jboys posting foreground. forum spectators background

funny the mafia setup named purgatory doesn't do it's namesake justice compared to this

kkat will convince them :copium:

The logic is simple.
We vote Rejects.
Real town players vote yes. Scum player votes no. GG.

What if scum is on our team?
Then we vote the scum and win.

If no one changes their mind, this game is over.

@JCrispy @jdance @theGreatWingdingi Who voted No this time?

Read the screenshots. I was the only yes