Smoke Signals [POST GAME]

The sun rises with two smoke signals in the sky.
Degens and The Rejects were both in favor of the lynch.
Osiris, KrazyKat, and insom have been lynched.

The game is over.
Tribesman Victory!
Thanks for playing and see you next game.


ill take my mvp

Thanks for hosting.

Link to the next game

gg thanks for hosting :slight_smile:

gg everyone

hard game to play as mafia, wasnt really sure what to do

You played impeccable, but your teammates played even better. Osiris and Krazy Kat were the MVPs of this game.

Jones and I analyzed this game in great detail in tribe chat, but the main takeaway was:

If you look at Benny (our chat was posted), he seemed against the idea of killing Degens. If you look at Asoul, he was tunneling SIGKILL. Therefore it's highly unlikely that Asoul would be teamed with Benny (Benny'd jump at the chance to move away from bussing his partner). So scum was on Degens.

Still, an entertaining game and I had fun. @Vanilla_Town Thanks for the host.


@fireworks_over_maynooth @Roragok Where's my money?


Can i post my dick anyway pls

Kkat owned he or thegreatwingdingi are mvp

Degens played pretty bad our players were hard towncleared

The host has decided.
Waiting for Benny to complain and refuse to award the winners what is due to them.

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Like jcrispy posted a video of his role pm he should go to lylo every time

It's not up to me, that's just my opinion. It's up to site administration and official jury ruling.

Fuck I have jury duty tomorrow morning.

Nmagane put me on Team Headass with J-gamers to handicap me/ test my mettle and i still micromanaged game into a win


It was won either way. Osiris and I decided to vote insom if you all flipped town.

You could've just posted that when i was asking to post your chat

Also Osiris could've been scum. Jdance thought it was him or me (wrong)

I don't think scum spearheads a vote on their own tribe day1 but I also lagged behind in later days so i could see it