Speedrunning weight loss thread

Goal: 160lb
Day 0: 228lb

Time to complete: ~40 days

Bad for you


Just fast lol

2 hours of cardio every day
Weight lifting
Sauna use
Cold bath

Also studying and working

Ur gonna die


Isn't not eating like 90% of the work

Not if you can consistently do 2 plus hours of cardio every day

Most people don't have the WILL

This trail takes about an hour and a half and has a lot of elevation gain and loss

Why not just do meth?

You’re wrong. It’s one of the worst ways to lose weight. Just eat right and go to the doctor and sleep.

You want to drop fast stop drinking energy drinks
And stop eating the garbage food you allow yourself to eat

I don't eat any garbage food what do you mean

Monsters are garbage and also total servings per day what do you eat

I drink the zero calorie ones

You’re not answering all my questions jdance

Total servings of what? I don't know what you mean by how many servings of food do you eat