State of Mafia

“Durr good post” when the everything roragok said completely annihilates your arguments - I’m 100% sure you didn’t even read the OP.

just silence nmaGane - it’s worthless to interact with him

@jones is trolling.

You didn’t play to your wincon last game and outted your teammates immediately and over and over. Benny once again purposely hosted a fucked game and didn’t Rand the roles.

  1. I did play to my win con - just because we didn’t win doesn’t mean I didn’t want to win. Logical fallacy.
  2. What was fucked about the game other than 50% of the player base breaking the age old mafia rules for no reason? “Didn’t rand the roles” is just a made up lie by the way - won’t even humor that.

You got yourself zeused and you say I didn’t play to my win condition - well done dude.

I’ve been tricked

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it’s spelled virgen or virjen around here. Sorry if you haven’t heard.

For the record, @jones will be lying and trolling in this thread to increase drama rates.

I advise to just ignore him as he is the only person who actually cheats in teamspeak (Along with Nyte but it’s not her fault).

moreover, the assessment of what is and what isn’t cheating can’t arise out of ruleset; the ruleset arises out of what we think is cheating.

how does one define the ruleset; is it a listing of what you are able to do and what lies outside of that is cheating? or is it listing of what you aren’t able to do and those things explicitly within them are cheating.

the first case is infinite and enumerable, the second case lags behind where things that are obviously cheating aren’t labeled as such, even though it’s obvious they are.

It ultimately falls to intent; it’s obvious that whatever nmaGane does is malicious. Meet violence with violence and leave behind whatever argument surrounding “principles” and “rules” in the dust.

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Thank you for the input

If anyone wants to hear more about “malicious”, ask @Nyte about jones and what he does.

Maybe you can fill us in

I won’t speak for her.

I’m really looking forward to the part of this thread where ewiz enters and says every gc that openly says nma cheats (jones, Robert, Brendan, nyte) is trolling

Another lie - nobody says that I “cheat”, because I don’t and they know I don’t. You’re the one trolling right now.

@SOPHIE didn’t reply to this - he gave up. Why don’t you give up already, @big_ass? There’s obviously an objective truth here and you can’t change it.

that’s because I don’t reply to inane garbage. Just because you say you wanted to win doesn’t mean you played to your wincon, anyone with jdance IQ knows this. And I don’t really feel like doing the math to show how there’s virtually no chance for the game to be randed with the exact same scum team from the last time Benny hosted.

Im done with you Nmagane…none of this stuff is really new or even thought provoking for me. Atleast before you kinda made it seem like you weren’t at fault, but this is just lying through your teeth and pretty much just embarassing for you.