State of Mafia

I wanted to put my thoughts down after the last game. I’ve received a lot of different opinions and “suggestions”.

I am a bit sad that it has come to this already. I tried to involve everyone in the formulation of a ruleset that we will abide by. It seems almost everyone disregarded it last game. I don’t want to name everyones name and go by list of offense since I actually want to be able to play another game and we can’t do that if everyone is sitting out.

I think some new take aways that last game are:

  • Host should specify the time schedule of days during signup if it is different then the proposed 48/24.
  • No one should ever lock an active game except for the host, or a moderator after being contacted by the host to do so.
  • Following up, Players don’t decide when days or games are over. The host does. A day is not over until the host says it is over.
  • People have widely different opinions on what constituents playing for your win condition.

The first two are pretty obvious, but the last one is interesting to me. Can someone be held accountable for making a play that you feel is game losing? How do we even begin to measure that? I see the term griefing come up a lot. Which is generally a word unique to a video game culture and it is defined normally as follows:

deliberately irritates and harasses other players within the game, using aspects of the game in unintended ways.

I personally don’t think I am very good at mafia. I have a lot of fun. I probably don’t always make optimal moves in some peoples minds, but to me they are valid and have a purpose. Is that greifing? I don’t think so.

How would you define greifing in mafia?

More than a handful of people have reached out to me with concerns about playing with a certain subset of our users. I have never really been one to not allow a player to play because of reputation. See me allowing kyle to play.

I see it almost every game that these users are accused and suspected of communicating outside of the game threads. I find this hard to have physical proof, but if the majority of our users don’t want to play with a subset of our users it perhaps is time for containment games.

Some basic fundamental rules I want to reiterate:

  • It is never okay to talk about a current game outside of the game thread or host approved graveyard. THERE ARE NO EXCEPTIONS.
  • It is never okay to post your private chats about a current mafia game in a game thread.
  • Hosts should never directly interact with the game thread, only answer pm’s anonymously
  • When DAY ENDS no fucking talking. If your dead no fucking talking. If you are not in the game NO fucking talking

I am not going to even bother addressing jdance as he was silenced until the end of the month


There’s no griefing unless you’re breaking the rules.

Fuck, I was hoping it’d be permanent

This is just a bad joke that you seem to didn’t get by the way (no offense) - nobody actually thinks this.

Not sure what to say about this. If a group of people play Dota together can they also not play Mafia together? Just insane line of thinking and is only pushed by people with more Personal motivations, wouldn’t you agree?

Stop manipulating and sleep in the bed you’ve made

Be thankful I even suggested “containment games” where you can still play. The majority of users want you gone completely.


Hahahahaha! You forgot the part where nobody takes you seriously because this is the only thing you do - just a pathetic roleplayer.

It’s even more obvious that everything you post is a parody (of yourself at this point - you’re a joke of a joke, not the most successful type of humor) from your pathetic attention seeking avatar change (which I have adblocked - I don’t see your avatar anymore).

Anyone who is sane and levelheaded realizes how this is all just a big joke - everything people like Yns and Wintermute post is 4chan /b/ trolling and everything people like Klaze and Epok post is insane delusion.
If you read the last game’s thread you would see all of this very very clearly.

Are you gonna freak out on me like you did to Brendan

Another terrible attempt at seeming knowledgeable - but in reality you’re just posting gibberish. Nobody cares or has any regard for anything you post here, give up.

Also notice how Sacrificial Hunger Strike Ghandi Klaze is still around, just reacting to every post in the forum - just a complete mad man. Just go next game.

Well- you did steal his account and make a post about him quitting the mafia subforum because it wasn’t “optimal” enough

I get the sense this is personal for him

wtf are benny and hunter not good bros anymore

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Yeah. We broke up over the latest mafia game - which he ruined.

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I recommend using Ublock origin to fix it.

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