State of NAMafia ~**~*~SERIOUS*~*~*~

everyone's getting burned out and no one seems to want to play and im sure there are numerous factors going into it so discuss that.

don't blog.
don't meme or troll.

just fucking discuss how we can fix things.
mafia is super broad and its really hard to police playstyles and such but maybe we can mutually agree to stop certain things.

some things i see wrong off the top are

  • blog posting -- this is mafia, not your blog. stop spending 200+ posts every day talking about your life or music or whatever else. just play the fucking game.
  • angleshooting -- you're gonna get it no matter what but we should really stop trying to bullshit with that. it takes away from the game imo and we should focus on reads and what not .. you know... reads... what mafia is all about... reading people...
  • game ruining -- it's obvious you shouldn't post your role pm because you're butthurt. why the fuck do we still have people doing that? let alone someone who did it in 2 games back to back?
  • encouraging game ruining -- why the fuck are people telling others to post their role pm? if someones throwing a fit dont encourage them to ruin it for everyone else.

all around most of this shit just comes down to people being selfish and not caring about anyone else but themselves.

ppl blogging not caring about othjer people having to waste their time reading it.
ppl game ruining because they're not having fun so who cares
ppl angleshooting because they wanna have a cheatsy way of clearing themselves or whatever else.

how about people have to read the mechanics and have a post minimum

Incentivize instead of trying to tell people how to play

If you get more power in the game by not saying things like "i didnt read the setup your all actually so dumb" then naturally people will do things like that less

If there was a vigi in the last few games the idea of acting like a non-towny retard to not get lynched would be less appealing

ideally yes.

but realistically no.

games we've had AFKers or Bloggers or whatever else ppl don't enjoy playing with Vigis do NOT shoot them they shoot who they think is mafia.

anti-town play has never been a real scum read for ppl.

it's always just been dismissed lmao.......

i've tried to point out that shit is anti-town and we should lynch someone for that but then ppl argue that theres someone who is objectively more scummy and even tho Billy is being anti-town josh looks way more scum.

infact faz entire playstyle is based around us not lynching anti-town plays

my goal isnt to police people its for ppl to come in here and say "hey i dont like this playstyle" and then we grow and stop having ppl just burnout.

i've changed my playstyle plenty to suit ppl here.

Yes a lot of us have evolved anti town playstyles because we see it getting results or just find it more fun

Including, and perhaps especially, you at some points

Point is if people start seeing "oh I will get given a vest if I can towntell" or "oh there's people with guns i can't act like an idiot as scum" it will change over the long term

i agree with this point. but as i've said i've changed my playstyle to make others happy. many times.

point is i just want ppl to discuss what is making them burn out basically.

Mafia is a burnout game and we are a mental health issues help site


agreeable again but why not try n fix things :slight_smile:

last game i won by posting less cuz i noticed yall just lynch whoever posts the most

lynch afk free market this shit

Most of us are only here to help our friend dan feel like he still has a purpose in his extended period of unemployment

Friend you should just retire at a peak of your career

If you dont you might turn into asoul or me

Or, worse yet, dotakyle

I don't think that blog posts are a problem, or that they aren't playing the game.. Anything you post in the game is game content. Believe it or not I find some players' shitposts easier to read than their "real posts". If someone's blogging too much and you think it's scummy, pressure them over it. Trying to police people's content isn't going to help with burnout.

But other than that I actually agree with everything Kyle's saying. Wolfy made a great point a while back that the bad mafia winrate likely has a ton to do with how we just don't ever punish angleshooting, and that hosts make a lot of angleshootable decisions. And the amount of PM posting lately is gross.

i completely agree that anything inside of mafia is mafia and provides reads so even blog posts are fine but i think we certainly have an issue with some ppl ONLY blog posting.

ya feel?