State of the Forum: 2023

People are profiting, and your just laughing.

i never realized jones was this much of a vatnik

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i thought it was just because he hates the usa

Horse shoe theory wins again

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Can we get a jones containment thread?

Jones isn't even logged into the website.

I give up.

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So you are sharing accounts again?

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Try the warsword mod


I didn’t realize people still counted wins and losses in wars as relevant stats

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"the most depressing thing is affirmative action putting 85IQ blacks in charge of enforcing the law. Hearing "that muffugah on somethin" and "lemme see dem hands ■■■■■" is insane.

they make these people doctors btw. LMAO

can you not piggyback on my comments to say racist nonsense thanks

implying ALL american local cops arent avg. 85 iq, lmao

everything in my post is factual lmao

blacks are truly the perfect shock troops of the ruling class: too dumb to have morals, zero cognitive ability for reflection.