Stop Shitting Up Important Threads

The "Spot a Goy" thread is to keep them out. Don't post there for any other reason.

The "Bug" thread is to report bugs. Don't post there for any other reason.

If you don't like these rules, then too bad.
Post somewhere else please.
Thank you.

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Fuck kyle, it's all his fault. Fucking Kyle

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Yfw I foresaw this and all other problems

I am the Oracle.

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Actually it's mostly ewiz and asoul bickering back and forth for many many posts.

As a mod (but not an admin) I understand how hard it is to run and moderate this site with so many people derailing important topics.

Have cookie, Neo. :cookie:

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Glad that I can post legitimate bugs in the bug thread, get attacked for it and then get called out for that

Nah. Its fucking kyle.

I am on the road right now and don't have time to do much. I hope this will change in the future.

Can't believe I actually like kyle at one point. Boy oh boy how stupid and naive I was.

I guess we are all proned to making mistakes, even me.


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Modding isn’t hard grow a pair or take some extenze

We have a legit population of like 20

Just a reminder faz is saying all of this because he got a 3 day timeout for saying women want to be treated like dirt in the sexism thread

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I just did elaborate enough.

I believe in traditional roles and whatever comes with it.

So you think what I said was worth a 5 day ban, than you are no better than kyle

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Anyone still have the flickering Faz face post? @taste_my_rot

Whether or not it warrants a ban it was clearly not the thing to say in a thread in which people were getting really riled up about sexism

Since when are we sensitive here to riling people up? I thought that's the whole fucking point of this place?

Faz brain: Hm what's going on in this thread? Exposing the subtle and not-so-subtle sexism on this website and in society? What can I weigh in with here?

Faz mouth: Women should find a man that treats them like a really, really nice piece of dirt.

Kyle's mind: I have to use the power invested in me and white knyte