Stream sidebar


I’ll take a look at setting up the sidebar today but to have twitch links in it is gonna take a bit of development. Definitely in the plans though.

Can everyone see the site development section in the lounge? I put up a task list there of stuff in the range of easy to hard. Just wanted to keep that kind of thing visible - - I’m not editing it on a daily basis but I plan on writing down things we/me want to do there so other people know.

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is there a git/mercurial or anything i can see the patches on

Do you mean the discourse repo.

I am setting up a git instance here to start work on documentation and maybe plugins.

Anyone have the nadota Livestream code or a list of streamers.

someone posted one let me find it

Ty family

Gonna be posting in the drunk thread soon but I plan on making headway on this tomorrow if not be done. Seems easy to setup.


Have a working prototype that i will try out on sunday. The stream will not be sorted in alpha or numbers yet. It is just in the list that it is entered if it is active. Also may only really work in darker themes right now.

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Thanks for your work - AdmiralBulldog should not be on the list though haha.

i just needed someone active he was the first one that came up.

aight im going to go play some anime games. feel free to make any pr’s to anything.

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Just use Windows you fucking hipster

Anyone got a list of tournament streams.

Also seems like a bug with entering threads it goes through the list twice.

site got messed up or i’m forced to dark-new by the latest update

please make changes like stream sidebar on a test branch