Stream sidebar

It's new. Thoughts?

I like it. Nice touch. :+1:

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i think its broken twitch released an api update that i'll need to fix sometime.

think i fixed it lmk if it seems off or watever

had it working then patched everythign else and the dependent libary updated to use new protocols so its broken again.

I think were bakc in business i love undocumented breaking updates from other authors.

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@Roragok @SOPHIE add please.
Their main stream always prioritizes EU and CN streams.


This is an enjoyable stream I will add it

I'm learning a lot about a really great Card Game.

Wish broodstar was here to see this


@SOPHIE @Roragok Thanks for fixing the sidebar.

Thanks roragok

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it's still broken.

Oh I fix it today

It breaks every month as the token doesn't auto refresh.

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Kinda wish we had less repo to mind