-be me
-be 30
-have no friends
-unable to have relationships
-no one respects you at work
-sleep every night at 4am because of video games
-get drunk every night
-come in late every day

What would you do?
A. Kill self now
B. Kill self later w old age

Stop drinking on weekdays


Your silly

Strengthen your resolve proactively make changes, work harder and earn respect that is long over due.
Stop coming in late. Sleep earlier. Stop drinking. Start lifting. Start talking to people, start making friends.

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stop drink

saw this post coming

agree with previosu advice, especially on the “easier” more straightforward fixes like going to sleep earlier and following a strict sleep schedule and drinking a lot of water instead of alcohol

eat my ass


Seems pretty similar to me except the drinking part and I’m not even close to depressed, I’m actually pretty happy most of the time. Maybe my brain is just wired to enjoy misery.



Become a vigilante and protect the streets train and be ready.

when im super depressed my though process is ‘wait until anyone who would be hurt by this is dead then i can do it’

but dont do it regardless cuz thats a terrible attitude im trying not to have.


get a new job and then do some coke off a hooker’s ass

If you’re willing to give up everything in life and kill yourself then you’re willing to give up just the things in life that are making you unhappy

Except depressed people view the work they’d have to do to get their life bearable insurmountable and a bullet to the head would be a much easier solution.

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İt really depends

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-remove video games
-wake up 530am daily
-prepare own food and eat healthy
-do bare minimum of cardio and whatever else you need to feel good
-don’t drink or do drugs

And don’t whine about depression wahhh wahhhhh wahhh

I’m sure there are people that need real medical intervention or whatever but most of us just need to live better to feel better

Waking up at 5 30 am every day would be miserable