Sunday should be a forum truce day

If the people can out down their guns and declare a truce on Christmas than we should take one day per week to put down our nasty thoughts and unite as a forum

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There’s a world where I press send after typing “hey fuck you”

Jdance has actually been very good the past 12 hours let's be nice.

Keep up the good work everybody.

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can u guys please write up rules so that when rules are made people dont bitch that only my rules went thru....

I don't believe in rules

I wrote rules

Should I write a follow up where I disagree with the rules somebody else wrote?

Personally I think trying to tell people they can't talk about random shit in random threads, have to stay on topic etc is silly. This is a fairly conversational forum and people tend to just talk about what they want. I don't think there's anything wrong with that and I think making rules around it (or mods showing up in threads and being like Stay On Topic!!) is kinda annoying

i meant that the serious topics would be required to stay on topic. and only severe derailing would result in punishment for normal topics.

also no. try to only mkae 1 post there. dont want it to turn into arguments

Yeah I didn’t send it that’s me being nice

i have a new girlfriend and we are wildly in love with each other

i think we’re gonna rent a BnB by the beach next weekend

life is okay

god you're a fucking mroon

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you love her ask her to marry you


i'll hit you up in a few years when I do just that

why do you presume that your rules are going/will go through? just because you suggested them?

No, he's saying that if people don't give their own sets of rules, it'll default to his because it's the only real list

and why would it do that? what he said was that rules would get voted on in a poll. what if nobody votes for his rules? they still get implemented?

:handshake: truce jdance :handshake: