Table Top Simulator

so like anyone in for boardgames online while im stuck home cause virus?

Played a few games before pretty good time.

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what games were u thinkin

we should get a community monopoly game goin

is there some free monopoly website we can do

ive played bretrayl there, catan and pompeii but open to anything.

What games would you be interested in playing?

that's a great question. i have no idea. LMAO
i play a lot of board games irl cuz my brother owns a ton but there's too many to list. not sure what mods are on there.. i dont actually own it so id have to have a look beforehand and i can definitely bring at least one person too. ill have a look and get back to you.
what's the best time of day? im usually around after 6pm est and i stream every other day but on an off day then for sure

I started playing a lot of dnd. best days right now are FRI/SAT/MON ...Think im doing dnd every other night.

Let's run gloomhaven

I'm winding down for the night in bed. I could play Monday night. Or next weekend

I'm visiting the in-laws rn I'll be back at my PC next week

This sounds like a great idea. Let's play! I don't really care what game.

  • Monday
  • Friday
  • Saturday

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What day best gamers. Then I can try to get a time. I can't do other days right now unfortunately

im not working and im just at home under quarantine. haven't played gloomhaven but my brother and his gf play it.
i like ticket to ride and smash up and a bunch of others.. hell id be super down for risk/futuristic risk
i found a list of 2900 games available on reddit and ill make a proper list tonight or tomorrow and post ideas

...dnd is not for me LOL.. just throwing that out there

Ahh im stuck home but still working. D&D prolly saving my life right now. only way i talk to people it seems. Live at home, alone. go out once a week maybe to get food.

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that's fair.. i live and get along with my parents so i tend to have a lot of my social needs met..
alright here's a list of stuff i wouldnt mind playing. feel free to add other stuff; ive played more but idk if theyre in the workshop and i cant think of names atm. i'm also always up for new games
7 wonders is probably one of my favourites..
code names
king of tokyo
puerto rico
risk 2210
the game of life
camel up
blood rage
sushi go!
dice throne
id be down to learn betrayal and gloomhaven if it's not too much work and someone can guide me through it during
hell id be down to play scrabble :D

@KrazyKat @kittens game Friday?

I'm free whenever really but wouldn't mind like a night game like 8-9 pm est.

sure. might have +1. communicate through namafia disc?

Driving back home on Friday id be down to play something this weekend

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