A great effort displayed by many of the players tarnished by litany of rule breaking and abus


MVP has got to be @Osiris for his cooperation and good work
Least valuable player I would say is You_lose_i_win, he died without making a single post and lost his team the game.


Jdance was going to be my lynch

gg thanks for hosting

You played stellar. Good job.

has this changed in any way?



I think we could have made a rule-break exception for what was a fairly innocent typo. Especially on the final day

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I'm not encouraging rule-breaking, but there's a difference between sharing role pm's and accidentally using the kill syntax (that is unique to this game) wrong.

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I respect your sportsmanship. But it wouldn't be fair for Osiris.

You made excellent endgame analysis and would've won regardless. Keep your chin up and don't let the hard times weigh you down.

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I was in fact never warned for incorrect syntax

Which is interesting

You were warned in the day 1 thread for other rulebreaking

Not for incorrect syntax. I will not be signing another nmagane game

I have created a sign-up thread for my own game of mafia.


It wouldn't be fair for Osiris (who was killed for two unrelated offenses) to let you live as well.

I disagree, as the presumption was that osiris was zeused for talking about the game in teamspeak. Not for two minor offenses. You just did not want jdance to win.

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Talking about the game in teamspeak is a minor offense.
You were not going to win regardless.