Tattoo Census

Now that I leave my home everyday, I am astounded at the number of white people I see who have tattoos. Every time I see one one of these people I start laughing: these people aren't tribal warriors, they aren't prisoners: they send emails, push paper on excel, or move computer equipment from building to building. And I do occasionally encounter people with tattoos where the "tattoo fits", but the reason for that situation is that they've come to work on drugs (and visibly have a decade+ of hardcore drug use under their belt).

Post in this thread if you have a tattoo so I can better replicate my IRL habits on this forum.



People where the tattoo fits: came to your job pouring concrete (to an elementary school) tweaked out of your mind and can barely walk. You are white, your skin looks like leather. Your 30s clean-cut boss watches you like a hawk because the job has to be done today so I can plant my crepe myrtles tomorrow.

Tattoos are gay now. They're part of the faux mainstream "counterculture" inhabited by "queer nb bipoc+" women who only date white men, nintendo switch players, 28 year old guys with gynecomastia who go to microbreweries, and people who read DFW in public

The worst person you know probably has a tattoo.

It is a sign of an extremely surface-level thinker and probably someone you don't want to talk to in a guy. In a woman it is a sign that you should not date. Big warning sign

There is a certain type of "white collar adjacent" worker, who is not a professional per-se, but they are very much not core to any function and serve as sort of busybodies. And these type of people are the ones who advocate "decriminalization of drug usage" because they continue to do marijuana, drink heavily, or other recreational drugs throughout their everyday life and they're able to perform at an "acceptable" (they don't really do anything) level.

These types of people are effectively some sort of "demon vanguard" for the lower class, providing the intellectual cover that provides some sort of "social cachet" to "drug usage" which results in theft, crime, ugly people, etc.

I believe the same thing has happened with tattoos.

The woman who cheated on me got a tattoo randomly in the middle of the relationship actually. I remember being shook by it but didn't understand why at the time. In retrospect, it was an indicator that I no longer really knew this person. It is a sign of a fundamentally unserious person

It is of the utmost importance that the tattooed of this forum are identified.

The true counterculture these days is the straight, white male who does not do drugs, does not have tattoos, is not gay, just tries to live a good life. Live morally

Perhaps he reads books like "Sun and Steel" (in private, not performatively) and sometimes insults people in internet mafia. But that's normal - nothing wrong with that.

So much of the modern sickness is performative counterculture. A facade of being "unique/different/against the grain" which ultimately makes you the same as every other dude I see in the streets these days

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The fact you can buy shirts at Old Navy that say things like "Gay in the Streets, Gay in the Sheets" means the perceived/performed "counterculture" is no longer "counter-" anything. It is mainstream - and therefore, gay. (In the insulting way, not the sexual way)

No I think the "true counterculture" is some combination of 2010s era communication protocols (TeamSpeak), NEETdom, playing DoTA2, and hyper{racism, sexism}.

I agree racism, sexism, and misogyny are counterculture but I also think being pleasant and polite are counterculture and not being a virgin 15 year old (mentally) at 26 is counterculture

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Being sane and a healthy functioning member of society is countercultural

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But as you were. I am curious to know the tattooed members of NaDota . com

If you respond to the thread please post your tattoos for our critique also

Full indexes of the skin of each member should be submitted to me for inspection.

Need to consult a member of the moderation team to find out of quote-posting ewiz's tattoos that he posted in other threads for discussion here is doxxing


ewiz was truly ahead of the curve on being the person you least wanted to talk to in a room and also having the worst tattoos

kaptenrobert has an eye of horus over his nipple.

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Please post it here for us to discuss

Being from Sweden is counterculture

peepee poopoo meme no tattootoo

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