Taylor swift new single about gays

Taylor swift new single - Didn't listen to it yet.

Homos have basically become unblockable ads at this point. They pop out from literally everywhere.

Taylor is going for an alliance between the gayz and the straights but everybody knows gays hate all straight people so it's not going to happen.

didnt think she could make a song more annoying than Look What You Made Me Do but i think she managed that

gays obsessing over taylor swift is a meme she mostly appeals to straight white girls who want to be gayer than they are

real gays like orcs


Comment about homo promotion being unblockable ads was a geniune comment btw

if u cant beat em join em

we put estrogen in ur water to make yall gay, sry i had to break it to you but the world order is gay now

its that and making a lot of overly sexualized anime to make yall lose interested in real girls and eventually dabble in things like shota. anime is the gateway to gayness and its transformed a generation of nerds into people who dont like 3d women and are well on their way to being big gay.

mostly meming but the anime thing is somewhat true yall dont know how many anime artists and jrpg devs are big gay and are using it to normalize gayness

wish i was fucking gay dude

every tim i think about the fact that there is a gay illuminati and i am not in it and i get very sad and dont want to live anymore

if it make u feel better im bi and gay people tend to be shittier about that than straight people

so at least ur not bi

being bi is kinda lit in most other regards tho. when ur in the south or talking to straight girls (straight white girls are super weird about being bi for w/e reason) u just pretend ur straight and can still experience love.

when ur not in the south your pool of people you could be interested in is way bigger.

yes because being attracted to a 5'11" girl with the hips and ass of a 7 year old boy is totally straight

on the bright side none of the people in the music video are going to reproduce

It's not that I have anything against gays or trans people, but.........

trans = 0.068 % of earth population
gays = 2.0% of earth population

Why do these people feel the need to plaster their sexuality in the face of everyone? no one cares about you degenerates lol

Why does youtube trending list have nothing but homos and trannies on it's list?

Like no one fucking cares you suck dick or pretend to be the opposite sex.

Why do they feel the need to make a video about them announcing their gay

no one fucking caressssssssss begone

Only perk is they can't breed.

cuz gays are the superior breed and manage to outperform straights in all forms of culture despite being a tiny portion of the population.

kinda like how jews win the most nobel prizes despite being a tiny amount of the population.

Nah gays are just the new wave jews. We are forced to deal with you retards