Terry Davis (TempleOS creator) Death Notice


One of the most advanced programmers out there - I can trace back my grass-root aspirations to starting my own Operating System due to pouring through his code and seeing the intricate art involved in thousands of lines of code including his own compiler. Rest in Peace

That’s sad.

RIP Terry

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I’m reading that it’s unconfirmed

Dude was/is? extremely sick.

I never understood this meme

He’s schizophrenic, or something like that. The TempleOS wikipedia page mentions that he suffered some kind of mental episode that left him hospitalized.

The facebook screenshot in the OP hasn’t been seen as a public facebook post, just that screenshot. Also, because Terry is/was homeless and living in his car, it’s hard to confirm.

He was some computer scientist with schizophrenia prone to racist outbursts and ridiculous vlogs that the goy club thought was funny. He was a character but it was all kind of mean spirited and tasteless

Nobody thought he was funny.

I only laughed with him.


I don’t believe anything from 4chan. I hope he he is alive and ok.

He has kind eyes.

He died doing what he loved.

His last video. He was smiling - maybe not too much , but he was happy.

I feel like shit. I miss him so much.

He’ll always be there. His videos are timeless and will be remembered forever.

Glad he’s dead

Nobody thought it was funny. You’re a loser in real life and you come here to vent your insecurities.

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Not sure why but I got really sad tonight because he died.