Texas Justice Day 1

Texas Justice Game

Gray traces of dawn tinge the eastern sky.
There has been unrest in the town of Willowdale. Dark riders in the night, brutal killings, mutilated cattle.
The townfolk have had enough. On this day, things will change. Time to hang 'em high in the big oak tree.
And if that doesn’t work, get some help from your good friends Colt, Browning, and Winchester.

Texas Outlaws - XX: You are a member of the Texas Outlaws, with your partner XXX. You have day and night private chat with your partners. Each night the Outlaws have 2 night actions. You can choose one player to kill. You can also select one player to roleblock. You can block and kill the same player on the same night if you wish. Outlaws can perform both actions as long as one member is still alive. You win when your faction controls a majority of the town or nothing can be done to prevent this.

Town Rednecks - XX: You are a One-shot Vigilante. During one night, you may shoot one player. Use your shot wisely. If your shot is blocked by the outlaws, you do not get a second shot. You win when you kill all the Outlaws.

All votes must be in Bold Text. Any votes that are not bolded will not count. Do not use bold text in this thread unless you are voting.

Reminder to please read the rules if you have not played before.
Break the rules, and Zeus will strike you down. :zeus:

Day 1 Start

Players Alive

10 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 6

Day 1 will last until 8/14 at 10pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.

If no majority is reached, the person with the most votes will be lynched, unless No Lynch gets the most votes. If there is a tie, the day will be extended until the tie is broken. If no one changes their vote, i will roll a die for the kill

If I am not around at end of day any lynches/unlynches after majority or after day ends will be ignored.

If I am not around at end of day you may continue to chat in the twilight until I post Day Over. Stop Posting.

I’m vigilante.

I’m town. This is what we do. We split every player into pairs (completely randomly, we can use the Bot to decide pairs.). We win instantly if mafia aren’t paired up

(0.81*0.11111) = Probability, given first mafioso not paired with buddy, that the two remaining scum are paired = 0.09

(0.81*0.8888888) = probability no scum are paired at all = 0.73.

The only players that will be opposed to mathematical gameplay are mafia. In full agreement with this.

I’m shooting Benny. You guys can worry about the rest

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That’s a good excuse for throwing the game as you’re mafia. By shooting me you’re disrupting a mathematical proven plan - why else would you do that unless you’re mafia?

Remaking the poll, making it public.

You guys can vote if you want to go through with the above-mentioned plan. It gives us by far the best odds and is the easiest way to win the game as town, though it also removes the deduction part of the game.

  • Go through with the plan
  • Do not go through with the plan

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Why is epok voting go through with the plan if he just expressed his intention to not go through with the plan? Poor mafia play or poor town play?

No I’m just gonna shoot you. Not sure what the pairing means but if it means we shoot each other just pair me with Benny.

Idgaf what you say you’re a troglodyte lol

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Just lynch him instead?

I’m down to policy lynch Benny d1 but it probably doesn’t matter you might get role blocked now though

You need to explain this pairing thing fully before the day is over

It’s very simple. Scum don’t have guns, they only have the factional nightkill.

VIGI - VIGI ( both die)

VIGI - SCUM (scum dies)

VIGI - VIGI (both die)

VIGI - SCUM (scum dies)

VIGI - VIGI ( both die)

VIGI - SCUM (both die, factional nk)

Day 2 starts with every scum dead and 2 townies alive, town wins. Chance of this happening: 73%.

OK. Probably a better plan lol

I’m just recommending Benny dies if you want to enact that plan – he plays neutral every game regardless of role so he’s not trustworthy to run shit

Town. I’m okay with going along with the plan. Two things, scum can block (which I don’t think ruins the plan) and lynching will result in an odd number of players.