Texas Justice Day 2

Day 2 Start

The townfolk wake up to find the corpses of
epok the Town Redneck
Matticus the Town Redneck
Klaze the Town Redneck

Players Alive

6 Players Alive - Majority Lynch is 4

Day 2 will last until 8/16 at 10pm EST or a majority lynch is reached.

August 16, 2018 10:00 PM (America: New York)

lynch yns


I definitely did NOT use my shot on klaze or matticus btw

alright our chancesjsut got way fucking shittier

Lucky artist and gwez are mafia btw this game is solved

Also too bad about benny he was truly turning a new leaf there

no idea about gwez but lucky is scum af

I shot klaze rofl my bad

This is bad is this lylo?

I think it’s gamut gwez and probably LBJ. Gamut and Gwez barely posted d1 as far as I remember and I’m sure that was intentional as they could probably see this exact situation happening “just don’t attract attention and town will just shoot the loudest people and we win”

All lbj did was lynch me

I have decent odds (3/5ths like LBJ) just randomly selecting someone and hitting mafia

Let’s be real, unless we lynch yns and 2 town saved their shots it’s game over

That said I don’t have a shot

Well if there’s 3 mafia then we lost but ONLY because you retards are claiming your shots despite me telling you not to like 3 times last thread

Lynch slowdive

Last mafia are gwez/slowdive (+1?)

Gonna need you to lynch yns buddy


I have the highest IQ here and we need to lynch slowdive

Lynch slowdive if youre not mafia (you are, you pussy)